What is Scrip?

Scrip is a term that means “substitute money”. Retailers who want to support non-profit organizations make their gift cards or “scrip” available to St. Tim's at a discounted rate. Everytime a card is purchased, revenue is generated for the church.

What is so great about Scrip?

Scrip gift cards are available for items you purchase anyway like groceries, gas, gifts and entertainment. By using scrip gift cards, revenue is generated for the church without costing anymore for you!

How do I purchase scrip cards?

A selection of cards is available before and after the Sunday service at the scrip table in the hallway. Checks made payable to St. Tim's or cash is accepted.

Festival Foods $25, $50 -- Piggly Wiggly $25, $50 -- Target $25 -- Walmart $25 --
Walgreens $25 -- Kohls $25 -- Kwik Trip $25, $50 -- Shop-Ko $25 -- Menards $25 -- Woodman's $50, $100 -- Roundy's (Pick N Save)$50 -- Subway $10

Cards for hundreds of additional retailers are available for order. There is a complete list of retailers at the scrip table or on-line at ShopWithScrip.com
Cards ordered on Sunday are available for pickup the following Sunday.

Where will the money go?

Revenue earned is used at the discretion of the Council. In the past, it has been used for cleaning/waxing of the Fellowship Hall floor, replacement of the School Court door, a new sound system for the choir loft, vacuum cleaners and lounge furniture.

What if I have more questions?

  • Jane Gorres, Sherry Kutchenriter, Ann Powell, and Mary Rabideau are available to help you!